5 Benefits of Vehicle Window Tint

Extra Safety 

Windshield tint adds an extra layer of protection. In case of an accident, the tint holds the glass together so it won’t shatter. While most new windshields already offer a layer of this protection, windshield tint adds an extra layer.

Night Safety 

Windshield tint can help to protect against headlight glare at night, decreasing the glare from other headlights, and making your ride much safer.

Sun Block

Since tint blocks out the sun, much like sunglasses. Certain tint can protect against harmful rays known to cause skin cancer. This glare reduction also helps to make driving more pleasant; glare reduction allows better visibility -and less squinting.

Keeps the Vehicle Cooler

Since tint helps to block sun, it automatically keeps the vehicle cooler, allowing you to use the A/C a bit less. It also helps protect your vehicle’s interior from the intense heat from the sun.

Reduces Theft 

Tint on windows can offer some protection against theft. When a windshield is tinted darker, it is harder to see inside the vehicle. Opportunistic thieves who may be walking past your vehicle will have a harder time seeing any belongings that are inside.

Before having windshield tint installed, make sure you use a reputable service facility. Low quality tint can do more harm than good. Tint that is low quality will bubble and peel, and fade much quicker than a high quality tint would. A low quality tint can also make driving at night hazardous, by reflecting the inside light from your navigational system or stereo off the window, reducing visibility.

When choosing a tint, make sure you choose carefully and wisely, and be sure to consider state laws when choosing a darker tint. There are legal limits on how dark the front windshield can be, and you may be required to have a lighter tint installed on the front windshield.

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