Auto Glass Replacement – Everything You Need to Know

Most vehicle owners do not understand the safety significance of the car windshield. They also may not be fully aware that choosing a glass replacement company with qualified technicians ensures proper replacement or repair of the auto glass. Here is what you need to know if you are looking for Houston auto glass replacement services for your vehicle.

The Safety Role of the Windshield 

The windshield is the number one safety restraint in your vehicle in case of an accident or crash. It acts as a structural component in the vehicle. It consists of two layers of glass with a strong vinyl layer between the two layers of glass. When the windshield breaks on impact, the vinyl protects the glass from shattering into pieces and injuring the passengers.

The windshield acts as a shield that keeps occupants into the vehicle and prevents objects from getting inside the vehicle. It also supports the airbags so they can perform their protective role effectively. It prevents the roof from caving in and crashing the occupants in case of a rollover accident. To ensure the structural integrity of the windshield, it is important to select on the highest quality Houston auto glass replacement and Houston windshield damage repair services.

Post Windshield Replacement Guidelines 

After the windshield replacement, you should wait for the required time, which is at least an hour before you drive. The safe drive away period gives the adhesive and sealants time to bond and cure so the windshield is strongly attached and held in place even in case of a major impact or accident. Ask your Houston auto glass replacement technician how long you should wait.

Other post-replacement guidelines include refrain from any major activities with your car especially ones that apply pressure to the car such as slamming the door or pressure washing. Remove the tape once 24 hours are over. Leave a ¼-inch allowance in your door glass to prevent pressure build up that can cause the windshield to leak

Insurance Coverage for Houston auto glass replacement and damage repair 

Most insurance providers waive the cost of windshield and car glass repairs so you don’t have to pay a deductible if you have comprehensive coverage. For replacement, most insurance companies cover the replacement cost and require you to pay the deductible. Auto glass services not are covered under liability coverage. Check your insurance policy or consult your insurance provider to understand their policy.

Ask the Houston auto glass Service Company you select whether they accept insurance coverage. Some car glass repair companies handle the insurance claims for you. Remember that you have a right to choose the Houston auto glass repair company of your choice.

Your Auto Glass Options 

When replacing your auto glass, you can choose between Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and after-market auto glass. OEM auto glass has the original specifications for safety and quality and fits perfectly just like the auto glass your vehicle had straight from the factory. OEM glass meets strict safety standards during the manufacturing process. It is the best auto glass but it costs more. Aftermarket auto glass is cheap but not exactly designed to fit the exact specifications of your vehicle. It is also not of the best quality and strength.

Knowing the safety role of the windshield, the insurance policy and the different types of auto glass available will help you make an informed choice. Choose a professional Houston Auto Glass Replacement company, insist on high quality products, ensure they have qualified technicians and ask about their safe drive away time.

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