Auto Windshield Repair 101 from the Pros

When you get a ding in your windshield, it may be tempting to fix it yourself with a cheap auto windshield repair kit. These kits are found at automotive centers and retail stores and promise a permanent solution to a chipped windshield. They include instructions, a tool to remove broken glass, resin with an injector to seal the chip and film used to cure the glass.

Most Houston auto windshield repair experts will caution against using do-it-yourself kits, and it’s not just because they want more business. One problem with kits is that they offer a one-stop solution and cheap resin. Professional resins injected by a specialist have the right amount of viscosity for the specific type of damage.

Another problem is that most vehicle owners lack the expertise to know what type of damage has been done and how to repair the job correctly. Your untrained eye can’t see weak spots and can’t distinguish between different types of cracks to ensure the best type of repair. Houston auto windshield repair experts are trained and experienced in figuring out the best solution for different types of damage.

Broken windshield repair professionals in Houston, Texas also have skill and experience in filling glass. It may seem like a simple task, but it requires a lot of detail and care. If your windshield is not correctly filled, it can crack later when the temperature drops. Cracks that are improperly filled can result in excess resin or bumps that can catch on windshield wiper blades or scrapers and cause more damage.

Many people don’t know that if they have comprehensive car insurance, auto windshield repair is usually done for free – without even a deductible. Auto glass service experts can even come to your location to do the job quickly – usually in less than 15 minutes. They provide guarantees and warranties so you can be assured that the job was done right.

If you don’t have insurance, it’s still less expensive to have a cracked auto glass service fix a chip than it is to replace a windshield later. Most will offer payment arrangements or accept credit cards. It’s an emergency that must be repaired right away, both for the safety and to prevent large repair bills later.

Even if you’ve done a DIY job that didn’t turn out right, an expert can often fix the damage without replacing the windshield. Call a Houston auto windshield repair professional for a complete inspection before that improper repair turns into a major problem.

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