Auto windshield replacement options in Houston, Texas

If you have a chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged windshield, it’s important to choose the right Houston auto windshield replacement option.

Many car owners think that a small chip in a windshield is no big deal, and may ignore the problem or choose a do-it-yourself or cheap option. This can be a big mistake. A damaged windshield is not only unsafe to your passengers and other vehicles on the road; it can also lead to more costly repairs later.

It’s important to talk to a qualified windshield repair specialist as soon as you see a chip in the windshield. Small chips – like those caused by rocks and debris – are usually covered by comprehensive auto insurance or can usually be repaired quickly and inexpensively. If left untreated, they can turn into big cracks that make windshield replacement necessary. When auto glass replacement is the only option, make sure you choose a certified car glass replacement specialist to do the job right.

Windshield Repair Options 

There are many auto glass replacement options in Houston, Texas. Here are some things you should know when it’s time to make a choice in windshield options:

Windshield Repair 

Attempting to replace your own windshield or having someone unqualified do the job can cause more problems later and is an unsafe option. Windshields are designed with safety in mind. They give structural support to the vehicle and cushion passengers in an accident.

Windshield Products 

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) windshield is one that is pre-fabricated to fit your vehicle. It’s an exact replacement for your windshield, including the manufacturer’s logo. They are installed by specialists who are certified by your vehicle manufacturer, usually at specific dealerships who can get the parts quickly. This is often the quickest option, but it can be more expensive. Another drawback is that you may be limited to specific shops or dealers.

Windshield Specialists 

You can save a little money but still get a windshield that is a perfect match with a generic OEM distributor or windshield repair companies specializing in OEM windshield products. The only difference is that the windshield won’t have your manufacturer’s logo on it.

Manufactured Windshields 

Another option is a manufactured windshield. A certified car glass replacement specialist can manufacture a windshield to your vehicle’s exact specifications. They are often cheaper to purchase and install.

Aftermarket Windshield 

To save even more money, consider an aftermarket replacement. These are equivalent to the OEM windshield, but don’t have the manufacturer’s logo on the glass. For your safety in future accidents, and to prevent further repairs and defects, make sure the windshield meets government safety standards and is installed by a licensed and certified auto glass replacement specialist.

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