Best Way to Replace Your Houston Auto Windshield

Your vehicle’s windshield is a very crucial structural and safety feature. Proper installation ensures that the windshield remains in place in case of an accident or major impact. This is why you should have a damaged windshield replaced as soon as possible.

Ensure you have quality Houston car windshield replacement specialist do the job. Here are four guidelines on the best way to replace your auto windshield in Houston Texas.

Select the Right Auto Windshield Company 

This is crucial as the company you select for your car windshield replacement will make a huge difference.

Take your time to select the best Houston auto glass replacement company to perform the replacement. Ensure the company you choose is reputable and certified. Certification shows that the company keeps up to date with the advances in adhesives, automotive designs, and follows the required safety standards, best techniques and principles of auto glass installations. The best company should also offer a guarantee of the services they offer and the parts they use.

Ensure Professional Installation of your Auto Windshield 

Ensure that the Houston auto glass replacement company you select sends a trained, certified and insured professional auto glass technician to replace the windshield. A professional technician has experience, is knowledgeable and knows how to install the windshield properly.

You can tell whether a technician is a professional by observing the way they work. A professional should use gloves when applying adhesives so it bonds properly, should not install the auto glass on a corroded surface, should apply all the required bonding agents and should advise you to wait for at least an hour before driving your car to give the adhesive time to cure.

Insist on the Right Car Windshield Products 

Insist and ensure that the Houston auto glass repair technician uses the right and high quality auto glass, adhesives, primers and sealants that meet the standards set by a reputable organization such as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Original Manufacturer Glass (OEM windshield) is the best quality glass. It fits perfectly and meets the required safety standards. OEM glass has the perfect fit for your vehicle. The perfect fit is crucial in windshield replacement.

In case of a crash, perfectly fitted glass causes the impact to spread evenly reducing the damage. On impact, ill fitted auto glass bears the impact locally and the glass is more likely to shatter. Cheap auto glass does not offer the best fit, is not safe and is not cost effective in the long term.

Observe the Safe Drive Away Time 

You should not drive your car immediately after the auto glass replacement. You should wait for the adhesive to bond and the sealant to cure so the windshield installs properly and stays fixed even in case of a major impact.

The time allowance depends on the weather condition and the type of adhesive used. The technician will advise you on the correct time to wait. The least safe drive away time is one hour.

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