Do You Have To Replace The Whole Windshield Because Of A Chip In The Glass?

You are driving your car down the highway trying to get to the other side of town. As you are driving along, and the car in front of you hits a rock, it flies up and strikes your windshield putting a huge chip in it. Now you have to go take your car somewhere and get the entire windshield replaced. But is that necessarily the truth? Did you know that you can get a windshield repair company to fix that chip and still be able to drive the car just fine? Here is more information on Houston auto glass repair for a chip in the windshield.

Chip repair is a lot less expensive: Have you priced the cost of a new windshield? It may cost a person as much as two to three hundred dollars to replace a windshield. If you do decide to just get the chip repaired, it may only cost you around forty to fifty dollars.

The time to repair a chip is very fast: If you ever had to replace your whole windshield, it can take anywhere from a few days to a whole week to get that windshield to come in. When you have a chip in the windshield, the chip can be repaired in thirty minutes to one hour.

The windshield will be just like it was: A small chip in the auto glass will not weaken the windshield in any way. Once a Houston auto glass repair company fixes the small chip you will not even be able to tell that the chip was ever there.

Better for the environment: Recycling broken glass is very difficult because windshield glass is not like glass in a beer bottle or a soda bottle. Instead of being added to a landfill, the best option might be for you to just repair the chip and still continue to use the windshield.

The next time you are out driving around town, and a rock or piece of debris happens to put a chip in your windshield, don’t think that now you have to go through all the time and trouble of getting your windshield replaced. The best option for you is to just get that chip in the windshield repaired because it is fast, cheap, and you will never be able to even tell it was ever chipped in the first place.

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