Everything you need to know about cheap auto windshields

When you have a cracked or chipped auto windshield, you may be tempted to go with a cheap auto glass repair service. They often provide services at car washes or advertise their services in local ads or bulletin boards for significantly less than most professional Houston auto glass service providers.

Cheap windshield service isn’t always a bad idea. Some providers are skillful and honest and are just trying to find a way to make some extra money. A cheap auto windshield repair is sometimes the best choice when the windshield has to be replaced anyway.

A cheap repair can hold you over and make it possible to drive the vehicle to a qualified Houston auto windshield service specialist. It can save you from getting a traffic ticket while you are on your way to a proper repair service.

However, in most cases, when it comes to cheap auto windshield repair, you get what you pay for. Cheap repair services providers usually have little training and expertise. They often use equipment that is broken or dirty.

Here are some things to look for to find out if it’s really a good deal or just a scam that will cost you more down the line – and possibly endanger you and your passengers.

Check reviews 

The best kind of advertising is word of mouth, so if your relatives and friends recommend a cheap auto windshield service, it may actually be a good deal. Ask for references and check online reviews. Be especially wary of red flags, like complaints with the Better Business Bureau or other online forums.

Contact information 

See if the cheap auto windshield repair specialist provides contact information. A quality provider should have a business card with a legitimate address and a working phone number.

Warranties and Guaranties 

Ask about warranties and guarantees provided by the companies and confirm that the warranties are good. You may have to call the company behind the warranty to do this. Find out if and how quickly they will remedy poor repairs. Make sure you get something in writing.

Look for certifications, licenses and training and inspect the equipment they will use. Be wary of anything that looks cheap, broken or filthy.

Check what kind of tool they use to remove windshield. There are specialty knives used to replace windshields. Many cheap providers will use power tools that can damage the paint on the body around the windshield, leaving it prone to rust.

Keep in mind that your auto windshield is an important part of your vehicle. Since it provides structural support and safety, it’s not something that should be trusted to an unqualified repair person.

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