Facts About Windshield Repair

sports-carsYour windshield provides important structural support for the roof and frame of your car or truck and serves as a first line of defense in the event of an accident. Even minor cracks, dings and damage to this critical element of your vehicle can reduce its effectiveness as a barrier during a collision and can allow the roof and sides of your vehicle to crumple and collapse in a rollover accident. Repairing or replacing your windshield can help you achieve clear visibility and added safety on the road. Enlisting the help of a qualified Houston windshield repair shop can help you to ensure the most effective protection for you and your passengers on Texas streets and highways.

Tempered Glass and Windshield Glass

Auto glass is generally classified into two primary categories:

  • Tempered auto glass is used for most areas of modern vehicles, including side and rear windows. This durable glass has undergone heat or chemical processing to realign the fracture points inside its crystalline structure. This ensures that tempered glass will shatter into small chunks rather than breaking into dangerous shards when struck by a major impact, reducing the risk of serious injury during a collision or accident.
  • Windshield glass consists of two layers of tempered glass attached to a middle layer of sticky laminate material. Even if windshield glass is hit with sufficient force to shatter one or both layers of tempered glass, the chunks of glass produced will adhere to the layer of laminate to reduce the risk of injury to drivers and passengers. This three-layer construction strategy also allows for repair of small cracks and dings in windshields and ensures greater structural stability for your entire vehicle. By combining the durability of tempered glass with the added safety provided by the laminate layer, windshield glass offers outstanding safety and protection for you and your passengers.

Depending on the severity of the cracks or chips in your windshield, you may be able to avoid the expense of full windshield replacement by opting for repair services from a qualified Houston auto glass shop.

Windshield Glass Repair

Smaller cracks and chips in your windshield can often be addressed with in-shop or mobile auto glass repair technology. In some cases, cracks up to six inches can be repaired to provide like-new performance. The number one claim for insurance companies is windshields and most insurance companies will waive your policy deductible for repairs performed by an approved service provider. This can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and can allow you to enjoy a clear, crack-free windshield for much less than the cost of a full windshield replacement. Most auto glass specialists use a three-step process to repair your windshield:

  • Cleaning and removing dirt from the surface of the glass and from the crack or chip
  • Creating a vacuum seal over the damaged area using advanced equipment that also injects specialized resin into the chip or crack
  • Allowing the resin to cure and polishing the glass to ensure clear visibility for the finished repair

When performed by qualified auto glass repair experts, these procedures can restore your damaged windshield to like-new condition and can ensure optimal support for the roof and framework of your car or truck.

Windshield Replacement

In some cases, your windshield may be too damaged to repair to a safe and drivable condition. Selecting a reputable auto glass company to perform your windshield replacement is critical to ensure the durability of the installation and the safety of your passengers. Companies that maintain membership in the Auto Glass Safety Council are bound to high standards of excellence in the industry. These member companies must perform all auto glass repair and replacement work in accordance with best practices and applicable standards, making them a solid choice for your windshield repair or replacement project.

Choosing the right Houston windshield repair or replacement service provider can help you ensure clear visibility and can provide you and your passengers with greater protection against injury on the road.

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