How to Safely Dispose of a Broken Windshield

Auto Glass is usually two layers that has been fused together to create a windshield. This is done to make it more durable. However, this also makes the recycling process different too. It is not disposed of like ordinary glass. It simply cannot be melted down the same way a glass container could. If u just throw it away then you are causing damage to the environment, so what do you do to safely dispose of a broken windshield?

Recycling a windshield will take a bit more effort than recycling a jug, but it is worth it. The first thing that you want to do is cover up anything sharp on the windshield. Use a sturdy tape, and store it in a safe place away from children and pets until you can dispose of it properly.

Make some calls. There are recycling centers all over the globe. If they do not take windshields then ask about numbers you can call to have it removed. 1-800-CleanUp is a good place to start if you cannot find anything locally. Remember, some auto glass dealers and auto junkyards accept old and broken windshields too. Another thing to remember is that laminated waste disposal is illegal in some places if not is designated areas, and it is not just irresponsible.

When you remove the old windshield make sure you are on a surface that you can sweep any shards of glass up from. Also, wear protective clothing and eye gear. You never know when a break may intensify.

When the windshield is removed tape the sharp edges and wrap it in an old blanket or something similar. Get on the phone, and do the right thing for the environment, and for yourself as well as others. A broken wind shield in the wrong place can be an accident waiting to happen to people, the environment and to wildlife as well. Though there are a few more steps to the process of disposal it is the only thing to do. This is not an area where corners should be cut.

Not only will you have done your part as a respectable and law abiding citizen, but you will be setting good examples for friends and family. It just makes perfect sense. The feeling that you get once you have done the right thing is an indescribable feeling unlike any other. You will get back what you give to mother Earth, so recycle properly and she will be kind to you in return.

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