How To Tell If Your Care Tires Need To Be Replaced

suvPeople searching for Houston auto glass repair should also examine their tires periodically to see if they need new ones. In the same way a person needs good shoes for walking, a car needs good tires to drive smoothly and stop safely. As tires age and drivers put more miles on them, the tread wears down. Nails and sharp objects may make small puncture holes that slowly leak air. If a tire fails while a person is driving, the results may be as minor as realizing a flat and pulling to the side of the road or having the tire fall apart and cause the car to veer off the road. To avoid becoming stranded or causing a serious accident on the road, it is important to know when a car needs new tires and how to determine this.

1. Measure the tread depth. When people refer to bald tires, this means that the tread has worn down enough to make the tires look almost smooth. Bald tires are dangerous to drive on. Monitor the tread to ensure it does not fall below a safe depth. It should never be less than 1/16 of an inch. This is equal to 1.6 millimeters. Keep the depth at twice that amount for optimal performance when driving frequently on wet roads.

2. Look for sidewall cracks. Some of the most dangerous tire problems actually come from cracks in the sidewall and not in the tread. These are usually easy to see by carefully inspecting the tire’s sidewalls. Look for visible grooves and cracks. They may stand alone or encircle lettering on the tire. If they are ignored, the tire may develop a leak or blow out on the road.

3. Examine the tire for bulges. Bulges or blistered areas on the tire are indicators of serious problems. These are caused by a weakened wall in the tire. If they are ignored, the bulges will likely lead to a dangerous tire blowout on the road.

4. Look at the tread wear indicator. Newer tires come with these advantageous colored strips. They are made of rubber and run perpendicular to the tread of the tire. As the tire’s tread wears down, the rubber strips become visible. When one or two of these strips start showing, it is time to have the tires replaced.

5. Watch for excessive vibration. It is normal to feel some vibration while driving on bad roads or on dirt roads. However, unusual vibration that is noticeable on roads where it should not exist is a sign that something is wrong. The problem may be that the tires need to be rotated or that one needs to be replaced. It may also be due to bad shock absorbers or a more serious problem with the vehicle. Always have unusual vibrations examined by a mechanic immediately.

How To Test Tires

It is important to test tires regularly to ensure they are roadworthy. One easy way to conduct a tread measurement test is to use a Lincoln penny. Insert it with Lincoln’s head facing downward into the tread. If the entire head of Lincoln is visible, the tread is too thin and it is time to replace the tire. It is also possible to use a quarter with Washington’s head and the same placement method. Be sure to place the coin in several tread sections throughout the tire since tires can wear unevenly.

People who are searching for Houston mobile auto glass repair or Houston windshield replacement should ensure their tires are also in good working order. Being able to see clearly and drive safely are both very important.

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