S Delta Auto Glass Offers the Best in Houston Windshield Repair and Replacement

windshieldsYour windshield does more than deflect rain and wind. It provides added structural support for your vehicle in a rollover and can serve as a protective buffer for you and your passengers in a crash. Windshields are designed to absorb the shock of impact and to stay in one piece, preventing flying debris from entering the passenger cabin and serving as a containment system for items and people inside the vehicle. At S Delta Auto Glass, we specialize in the most advanced and innovative repair and replacement techniques to ensure that your windshield performs to optimal standards.

Three Layers of Protection

Windshield glass is composed of three separate layers. Two of these layers consist of special tempered glass that breaks into small chunks when hit with sufficient force. The third layer is a thin film of plastic with adhesive on both sides that connects these two layers of glass and holds it together even if it is struck by a powerful impact. This unique structure provides added support for windshield glass and allows small cracks and chips to be repaired safely. At S Delta Auto Glass, our expertise in windshield repair and replacement allows us to determine immediately if your cracks, chips, or damage can be repaired or must be replaced to ensure the integrity of your vehicle and the safety of your passengers on the road.

Mobile Repair to Suit Your Busy Schedule

S Delta Auto Glass can perform your windshield repair or replacement in either of our two Houston locations. However, many of our customers prefer the convenience of our mobile service unit. We serve all of Houston and specialize in on-site repair and replacement for your windshield while you work or at your own home. Our service area encompasses the following Houston communities:

  • Bay Area and Port of Houston
  • Uptown, Downtown, and Midtown
  • The Galleria
  • Galveston
  • The Woodlands
  • Northwest Houston
  • South Houston

By scheduling an appointment with the S Delta Auto Glass mobile unit, you can enjoy the same exceptional service and quality windshield repairs available at our brick-and-mortar locations. We will order and install factory-approved windshield replacement glass for your car, truck, or SUV at a location you choose. S Delta Auto Glass can also provide reliable repairs for minor cracks and chips in your windshield to save you money and to ensure the safety of your vehicle on the road.

Prompt attention to minor cracks and chips in your windshield can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. S Delta Auto Glass can help with the most comprehensive range of in-house and mobile services to restore your windshield to its former condition and to ensure your safety on Texas roadways. Contact us today to discover the best array of services in the Houston auto glass industry and to schedule an appointment with our professional staff. We look forward to hearing from you.

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