Should I Have My Windshield Repaired or Replaced?

windshield-repairHouston motorists have experienced the sinking feeling that occurs when a windshield crack or chip is discovered. Most of those motorists must choose to replace or repair the damaged auto glass. Both services have perks and downsides, so it is important to consider every aspect of the work before you make a decision. Once upon a time, a damaged windshield was a doomed windshield, but innovations in Houston auto glass repair have saved many windshields from being replaced.

Can It Be Repaired?

Unfortunately, some damaged windshields are not good candidates for a repair job. If the windshield has a crack that is longer than three inches, most auto glass repair shops will not be able to successfully repair the crack. Additionally, most repair shops are not equipped to handle chips that are larger than a quarter. Some shops can handle larger blemishes, but most repair businesses adhere to those limitations.

The position of the damage can also influence the likelihood of a successful repair. For example, a crack on the edge of the glass is more likely to compromise the rest of the windshield. If a crack along one of the edges has started to spread, most knowledgeable auto glass repair specialists will recommend a windshield replacement.

Should It Be Repaired?

Even if the glass can be successfully repaired, a responsible auto glass specialist might recommend a windshield replacement. Repairs are never perfect, so a replacement might be better and safer in some circumstances.

Auto glass repair creates an imperfect surface. There will always be a small distortion at the site of the repair. As a result, it is a good idea to replace a windshield that needs several repairs. Additionally, some shops will recommend a replacement windshield for cracks or chips that obscure the driver’s vision.

The Cost

The cost of repairing a chip or small crack is relatively low, and many auto glass repair shops will charge $50 or less for a single chip. Additional costs will apply if multiple blemishes are present. The price can increase significantly if you want to repair a crack that is longer than three inches.

Replacing a windshield is more expensive than any auto glass repair job. The total price typically accounts for the windshield, molding, and labor. Going to the dealer for a replacement windshield will be more expensive. You will find OEM windshields on vehicles that are fresh from the factory. Auto glass shops tend to use a less expensive alternative, but non-OEM and OEM windshields must meet the same safety and quality standards.

Fortunately, many insurance companies will cover some of the costs that are associated with windshield repair and replacement. Repairs are less expensive, so many companies will encourage repair jobs by waiving the deductible and paying for the service. If a replacement is needed, many companies will charge the deductible and pay for the replacement service. It is important to note that insurance policies vary, so you should carefully examine your policy before seeking an auto glass solution.


If you are lucky, you will never need to see a Houston auto glass repair or replacement specialist. It is very important to carefully consider both services before you make a decision about your windshield. Repairs offer cost-effective solutions for motorists with relatively small chips or cracks, but windshield replacements are still necessary services for some forms of auto glass damage. A knowledgeable auto glass specialist can help you select the best service for your vehicle.

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