Should you get Dealer, OEM, or Aftermarket Auto Glass? – The Search for a New Windshield

Sometimes life happens, and one day when you go outside to get into your car you discover that your windshield is broken and there’s a rock or a softball on your front seat.  Usually when something happens, it happens at the time of the month when money might be low or non-exist.  You do have choices for getting that windshield replaced like going to the dealer, original equipment manufacturer, which is also known as OEM, or aftermarket auto glass.  Which auto glass choice will best for you? Here is more information on which auto glass is the best.

Dealer glass:  This is the exact place you bought your car from, so they will have the same exact windshield.  The problem with dealer glass is that parts from the dealership tend to be rather on the expensive side.  Most people who need a certain part of their car replaced are hesitant to use the dealer because it’s expensive.  You might want to at least check with the dealer to see what a new windshield would cost.

OEM glass:  Many car makers use different contractors to provide their cars with windshields.  If you go to an OEM dealer, you may find the same windshield for the make of your car, and this may be your best bet if you want the right manufacturer as the brand of your car.

Aftermarket glass:  Many people do not car if the glass is made to the same specs as an OEM glass manufacturer, to them a windshield is a windshield.  Aftermarket glass is the least expensive of all three of auto glass manufacturers.  If you are just looking for a windshield and do not necessarily care if it’s made for your specific car brand or not then this is your best bet.

When something goes wrong with your car, you have a lot of choices on where to find parts.  You may need to do your research and take a look at what your bank balance is to determine which route is the best to go, the dealer, an OEM manufacturer, or an aftermarket glass man.

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