Technological Advances that Will Shape the Future of Auto Glass

carsYour vehicle’s auto glass is one of its most important safety systems. Enlisting the help of a qualified Houston mobile windshield repair service provider at the first sign of damage can help you stay safer on the roads. Continuing advances in auto glass technology may soon provide even greater protection and information for drivers in Houston and around the world. Here are five of the most promising developments that are likely to shape the future of the auto glass industry.

Self-Cleaning Windshields and Cars

In 2008, Italian designer and automotive innovator Leonardo Fioravanti incorporated a unique self-cleaning and water-repelling nano-dust system into his prototype Hindra vehicle. The new system eliminates the need for windshield wipers through the use of advanced nanotechnology and aerodynamic principles that combine to ensure clear visibility for drivers. Nissan is exploring similar coating technologies for their automobiles and has demonstrated a prototype vehicle treated with a specialized coating known as Ultra-Ever Dry, which repels water, ice and oil.

Automatic Tinting for Sunny Days

Mercedes has already released Magic Sky Control automatic tinting technology for SL and SLK Series vehicles equipped with panoramic Vario sunroofs. Magic Sky Control can adjust the degree of tint depending on the intensity of sunlight, allowing drivers to enjoy clear visibility on cloudy days and cooler temperatures inside the car during bright and sunny days. Although this is only currently available on Mercedes vehicles, the technology behind this auto-dimming auto glass is likely to see implementation in gradient windshields and sunroofs across the automotive industry in the next few years.

Digital Display Windshields

Windshields with integrated heads-up displays allow drivers to access critical information without taking their eyes off the road. These advanced technological systems are already under development by many designers and are expected to incorporate a number of key features:

  • Current vehicle speed and local speed limits
  • Alerts for pedestrian crossings
  • GPS guidance and mapping functions
  • Early alerts and warnings regarding obstacles to include pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles in the road
  • Weather alerts and traffic updates

By displaying this information directly on the windshield, automakers can help drivers maintain their focus on the road and can ensure added safety and up-to-date information throughout the journey.

Self-Repairing Windshields

Researchers have made significant breakthroughs in the area of self-repairing auto glass. Designed with modern polymer technology, these windshield glass solutions work by incorporating a thin layer of liquid resin. When a small crack or chip occurs, this resin is released and fills the affected area, drying upon contact with the air. While this system will not work to repair large areas of damage and will not eliminate the need for windshield replacement, self-repairing auto glass is likely to make life easier for many Houston residents in the near future.

Laminated Glass for Side and Rear Windows

Because auto glass provides vital structural support for vehicles, some automakers are considering the use of laminated glass for side and rear windows. Laminated auto glass products are already used in windshields and provide added protection for drivers and passengers in the front seat. Incorporating windshield glass into other areas of the vehicle can increase the safety and security of passengers and the structural strength of the car or truck to an even greater degree.

These five technological developments are expected to revolutionize the automotive industry and to provide added convenience and safety for drivers. Until they are available to the general public, however, maintaining your windshield and auto glass in good condition is critical to ensure the structural integrity of your vehicle. Enlisting the assistance of a qualified Houston mobile auto glass repair service immediately for minor cracks and chips can help you avoid major expenses and can improve your safety on Houston’s busy city streets.

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