The Latest Developments in Windshield Technology

windshield1In the coming years, more and more people are going to be heading to Houston auto glass repair companies with windshields that have heads-up displays (HUDs) and other new types of technology that are being created as we head towards 2015 and beyond.

Many of the more impressive advancements are being applied to Jaguar Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque. In fact, the company recently announced that it has added the world’s first laser holographic HUD to this vehicle as an option that costs about $1,600 and is available in most markets. One of the primary benefits of using a holographic display is that it helps eradicate the negative impact that the sun’s glare had on previous HUDs.

Probably the most useful aspect of this feature is the ability to see how fast the vehicle is traveling without needing to look away from the road and down to the dashboard. Some of the other vital pieces of information that can be shown on these windshields include cruise control status, gear position, navigation and traffic data and system warnings. What is shown, how bright it is and its vertical position on the windshield is fully customizable to meet the driver’s preferences.

“Land Rover is committed to preventing the risk of accidents by reducing driver distraction,” Murray Dietsch, Jaguar Land Rover’s programs director, said when this feature was announced in September. “By presenting key driver information in this way and removing the need for the driver to look away from the road ahead, HUD is an important step on the journey to delivering Land Rover’s vision of the intelligent car of the future.”

This company is also working on other exciting new features to add to HUDs being displayed on Houston windshields and throughout the world.

The transparent bonnet, which will prove especially useful for those driving SUVs, features the ability to essentially look through the dashboard and engine to the ground directly below and in front of the car’s headlights. This will help the driver determine just where rocks and other dangerous things are located and determine how driving around or over them can be safely done.

Another feature would allow drivers who are in the midst of or are about to experience dense traffic to receive useful suggestions intended to communicate the best way to navigate through or around this traffic and more quickly reach the desired destination. Additionally, the windshield could also include rear view mirror images, which would reduce how often the driver needs to look away from the road in front of them.

Some of the other advances in HUD technology may not benefit those simply looking to drive to and from places like school, work and the store, but they are perfect for performance drivers as well as those simply looking for even more information to be displayed to them while on the road. Examples of these features include the ability to engage in ghost car racing and see racing lines and virtual cones.

These exciting advancements have their origins in World War II. At that time, HUDs proved essential for pilots as the amount of time that it took to look down at the controls, even if it was a split second, sometimes proved to be just long enough for another pilot to shoot at that plane and take away that pilot’s ability to react quickly enough or to have taken the first shot himself.

Houston windshield repair companies started seeing windshields with HUDs on sport and luxury cars about 30 years ago. However, many of the major advancements in the field have occurred over the past several years.

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