The Newest Technology for Auto Safety

bmwWhen it comes to car safety, we have come a really long way. That is music to car buyers’ ears, and auto manufacturers are well aware that offering the latest and best safety features helps to boost sales. As a result, new automotive safety features are rolling out all the time. In many ways, however, the windshield is your first line of defense, so it pays to know a reputable place for auto glass Houston repair and service. When the time comes to buy a new car, be sure to look for one that includes at least a few of the latest automotive safety features:

  • Active Blind Spot Protection – Blind spot warning systems have been around for a while, but manufacturers like BMW are upping the ante with active blind spot protection. This technology not only provides visual warnings on the side mirrors but causes the steering wheel to vibrate if you decide to try and switch lanes anyway.
  • Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection – It definitely pays to be able to see clearly in the dark, but while driving, it is not so easy to tell the difference between humans and animals. BMW once again leads the charge here with night vision with pedestrian detection, which identifies and assesses the direction and position of a pedestrian and warns you if someone is approaching or crossing your path.
  • Parental Controls – If you are a parent, you are probably already familiar with parental controls for TVs and Internet browsers. With MyKey, Ford now allows you to program specific keys so you can put limits on the speed a car can attain. You can also set limits on how high the volume of the stereo can go, which goes a long way toward reducing distraction while behind the wheel. As an added bonus, you can program the key so that teens cannot disable safety features like traction control.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – Cruise control is fairly ubiquitous in modern vehicles. Adaptive cruise control improves upon this long-running technology by using radar technology to maintain an appropriate distance from other vehicles on the road. You still set the desired speed, but the car automatically slows down if another car cuts in front of you or if the traffic ahead slows down.
  • Cross Path Detection System – This technology has been developed by Chrysler. Radar sensors in the rear end of the car detect if vehicles are about to cross into your path. Indicator lights in the side mirrors alert you to these vehicles, and the appropriate side lights up to ensure you know which way to look. An alarm also sounds, which further decreases the odds of accidentally side-swiping or otherwise getting into a collision on the road.
  • Attention Assist – Mercedes-Benz has outdone itself with this feature, which assesses a driver’s actions to detect if they are too fatigued to drive. This technology basically memorizes your typical driving habits to form a baseline and then tracks unusual actions that could suggest fatigue. It then sounds an alert so you know that you may be too tired to be behind the wheel.
  • Cameras – Rear-view cameras have been popular for some time, but many automakers are going above and beyond as of late. Infiniti’s AroundView, for instance, offers a 360-degree view around the entire vehicle. BMW’s Multicamera System warns of oncoming traffic and other obstacles on in-dash or head-up windshield displays. With cameras doing the looking for you, the odds of needing new Houston windshields or other repairs should drop precipitously.

If you are not in the market for a new vehicle, there are still things you can do to maximize safety behind the wheel. Even the tiniest windshield crack demands immediate attention, and a Houston mobile auto glass repair service can quickly and conveniently take care of it for you. By staying on top of your auto maintenance, being a conscientious driver and availing yourself of the latest auto safety features and technologies, your time behind the wheel will be safer and more enjoyable.

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