The Primary Causes of Windshield Cracks

windshieldsThe windshield of your car or truck provides clear visibility of the road ahead of you and offers significant structural support for your entire vehicle. It can also serve as a protective barrier in a collision. Maintaining your windshield in an intact condition can ensure greater safety on the road and can provide you with a clear field of vision to help you spot hazards and avoid them more easily. Enlisting the help of a Houston windshield repair company can help you stop minor cracks and chips from becoming major hazards. Here are five of the most common reasons for minor and major windshield cracks.

Changes in Temperature

Many cracks are caused by extreme changes in temperature that occur when vehicles go from frigid outside air to heated indoor spaces or vice versa. Some cracks start during defrosting and are the result of temperature differentials between various areas of auto glass. These cracks often start at the edge of the windshield and spread to create straight lines across the width of the glass. This can reduce the ability of windshields to protect passengers inside the vehicle and may obstruct visibility for drivers on the road. Extremely hot or cold temperatures alone can also cause cracks in some cases.

Bumps in the Road

Especially for older windshields or those with existing damage, potholes and bumps can present real risks. These minor impacts can create a small crack or a network of cracks that can severely limit visibility and can reduce the protective capability of the windshield if a serious accident should occur. Repairing small cracks quickly can prevent them from spreading and can help vehicle owners avoid the expense of full Houston windshield replacement.


Even minor fender-benders can put pressure on your windshield and may lead to stress cracks or imperfect seals along the edges. This can result in incorrect seating of the windshield that can lead to cracking or air leaks. After any accident, it is essential to get an inspection from a qualified Houston auto glass repair company to ensure optimal protection for drivers and passengers on the road. For major damage, however, a full windshield replacement may be required to ensure optimal visibility and safety after a serious accident.

Road Debris

Even a tiny pebble can cause a large crack when propelled with force against a windshield. Driving behind an 18-wheeler or other large truck with dual wheels can increase the risk of this type of damage, especially on gravel roads or in areas with high levels of sand or debris on the roadway. For small chips and cracks, a professional Houston windshield repair can stop the spread of spider web cracking and can ensure the greatest degree of structural integrity for your vehicle.

Poor Installation

Windshields can sometimes crack as a result of poor installation practices and workmanship during initial installation or replacement. Working with an established Houston windshield replacement company can help consumers avoid problems associated with questionable auto glass repair companies that operate out of a van or truck and typically cannot be located when problems arise. By choosing a reputable firm with brick-and-mortar locations in the Houston area, vehicle owners can ensure that their windshield repair or replacement requirements will be performed correctly and that the company will be available to perform any needed adjustments to ensure maximum longevity and reliability.

In most cases, repairing minor cracks and chips quickly can prevent them from expanding to become serious visibility issues. If a full windshield replacement is necessary, working with a trusted Houston auto glass repair company can allow you to stay safer on the road while ensuring the highest degree of durability for you and your passengers on Texas streets and highways.

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