When to opt for auto windshield replacement instead of repair

It happens often than most of us believe.We have to decide whether to replace instead of repair our damaged auto windshield.

Fortunately, chips and scratches in auto windshield glass can usually be repaired. Since windshield window glass is made of several layers of glass, damage to just one layer can be fixed with a resin filling.

This repair is usually covered by auto insurance and can be done at your location or at a Houston auto windshield repair facility quickly and easily.

There are some instances, however, where a simple repair is not enough and auto windshield replacement is the only option.

If a crack has penetrated more than the top layer of glass, replacement is usually necessary.

Holes, shatters and breakage caused by an accident or large piece of debris or other materials mean a windshield replacement.

Any crack that is more than an inch long also usually calls for a replacement, although a Houston auto windshield specialist can give you a definitive answer of whether to repair or replace the auto windshield.

It is important to speak to an auto windshield and glass specialist as soon as you can, and not put off replacing glass that is damaged.

A windshield provides not only a view to the outside world from your vehicle, it is an important structural component of your car or truck.

Even a small hole can turn into a shattering windshield in the wrong conditions like a minor accident or debris hitting the windshield. This is a danger to you and your passengers as well as other vehicles on the road. Hole and cracks lead to visibility problems that can become worse, making is difficult and unsafe to drive.

Additionally, damage to the windshield even if it seems minor can make it hard to see oncoming traffic or pedestrians on the road.

Penalties for damaged windshields can include fines or tickets. Do not take a chance on safety or stiff punishment. Have your damaged windshield replaced by a qualified Houston auto windshield specialist today.

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