When to Repair or Replace Your Auto Windshield

Auto windshield is a structural component on the vehicle that plays a very important safety role in case of an accident.

The windshield keeps the occupants in, prevents objects from getting inside the vehicle, prevents the roof from caving in and provides support so that the airbags can function properly. If your vehicle’s auto windshield is damaged, you can choose to have the damage repaired or replace the whole windshield.

Repairing minor damages on the auto glass is convenient, cost effective and quick. Most insurance providers cover the entire repair cost if you have comprehensive insurance coverage or policy. Repair the damages immediately before the cracks collect dirt or the damage spreads to other parts. However, repairs sometimes leave scars.

For severe and spreading damages or those auto windshield damages and cracks that affect the driver’s ability to see clearly and respond quickly, a replacement of the car windshield may be necessary.

Most auto insurance companies cover the replacement cost and the vehicle owner pays the deductible. If you don’t have insurance coverage, you can choose low cost auto windshield replacement in Houston but you should never compromise on the quality and safety of auto glass replacement for a low price.

When to replace or repair your windshield depends on the size, extent, location and severity of the damage to your windshield.

How do you know when to replace your windshield instead of repairing?

When to Replace Your Auto Windshield 

  • When the windshield auto glass damage falls on the driver’s line of vision and interferes with the driver’s ability to see clearly and respond promptly in case of an emergency. The driver’s line of vision is the area covered by one sweep of the wiper on the driver’s side. Windshield chips or cracks on the drivers line of vision slows down the driver’s response in case of an emergency
  • Auto glass replacement is essential where there is severe damage to the windshield such as wide and deep cracks or complete damage. Replacement is the best option after an accident or impact from a large object.
  • Perform auto glass replacement for old windshields. Old auto windshields may magnify the glare caused by headlights of oncoming vehicles making it hard for the driver to see ahead and react appropriately.

When to Repair Your Houston Auto Windshield

  • Repair minor auto glass cracks and chips. Minor damage includes small cracks, rock chips and cracks of at most 3 inches long.
  • Choose to repair when the auto glass damage is not located on the driver’s line of vision and does not obstruct the driver’s view and response.

Get a Houston Auto Glass Specialist’s Help

The best way to know when to replace your auto windshield or repair the damage is to have a qualified Houston auto windshield replacement specialist assess the damage and advise whether an auto glass replacement or repair is the best option.

Whether you choose to repair or replace your windshield, select a qualified Houston auto windshield replacement specialist to perform the job correctly.

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