Windshield Winter Maintenance

When it comes to preparing your vehicle for winter, don’t forget about the windshield.

The windshield is an often-neglected part of vehicle winter maintenance, but by taking important precautions, you can help prevent your windshield from becoming damaged during the colder months.

Cold weather can be hard on your windshield. Here are a few maintenance jobs, and preventative steps to take before the weather turns colder.

Repair Small Cracks

If you have any small cracks or chips in your windshield, you may consider having them repaired before winter. Small cracks can fill with moisture, and when the freezing weather hits, this moisture turns to ice; expanding and causing the cracks to expand as well.

Be Careful With Ice Scrapers 

Be careful with your windshield when you are chipping away the ice on your windows. Ice scrapers can cause small chips in windshields. If there are any preexisting cracks in your windshield, be especially careful when scraping the ice. Forcibly chipping away at ice can cause cracks and chips to become worse.

Avoid Sudden Heat 

While it is unlikely that you will shatter your windshield by defrosting on high, a sudden blast of heat to a cold windshield can cause serious damage to preexisting small chips and cracks. When defrosting your windshield during the winter, it is best to start defrosting on a low setting, and slowly work up to full strength heat. Avoid pouring hot liquids on the windshield. While this may defrost a windshield quickly, it can cause cracks to grow.

Replace the Windshield Wipers

New wipers are more effective at keeping the windshield clean. Clean and inspect your windshield wipers before winter. Dirt can become trapped beneath old windshield wipers, causing scratches to the windshield. By cleaning your windshield wipers, and having them replaced if they are worn, you can prevent debris from scratching your windshield.

Repairing chips in windshields is hassle-free way to help prevent windshield problems during the winter. Having chips or cracks repaired while they are still small, can prevent the need for windshield replacement. Cracks can only be sealed when they are small – and since cracks grow over time, it is best to have them sealed as soon as you notice them.

It is best to have any cracks professionally repaired and sealed before winter to avoid damage from the cold weather and ice.

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