Windshields – More Than Just a Windscreen

The windshield does more than just block the wind.

A properly installed, and well-maintained windshield is important – not only for visibility, but for safety as well.

The windshield is a vital part of a vehicle’s safety restraint system. Windshields are designed to offer valuable protection in case of an accident.

Read on to see how the windshield has an important part in keeping vehicle occupants safe.

Strength and Flexibility

Windshields have come a long way since the early days – back when a tiny pebble could cause the entire window to shatter. Unlike early windshields, modern windshields have been improved. They are made out of strong glass that can help to minimize serious injuries in case of an accident.

Windshields today are made of two layers of laminated glass. They are designed to withstand tiny rocks and handle debris, and instead of shattering, they are designed to hold together, yet at the same time, they are designed to give way should impact during an accident occur, helping to prevent serious injury that could result from colliding with a nonflexible windshield.

Helps Keep Vehicle Occupants Inside

In case if an accident, the windshield helps to keep flying debris outside, and vehicle occupants inside. A windshield also helps to add valuable support to the vehicle’s frame as well. The windshield supports the roof, and in case of a rollover, the windshield helps to prevent the roof from completely caving in.

Part of the Safety Restraint System

Windshields are also part of the vehicle safety restraint system (SRS) which includes airbags, and seatbelts. If one of the safety components are damaged – the effectiveness of the entire system could be compromised. The airbag’s deployment is based on the windshield providing a surface for the airbag to hit after it deploys. If a windshield is damaged, or improperly installed, the airbags may not be able to deploy properly, rendering it practically useless in case of an accident.

Because of the important role that a windshield has, should your windshield become damaged and need to be replaced, it is important that it is professionally installed, to ensure that both the safety and the structure of the vehicle are not compromised.

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